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The old times villagers’ breakfast, on bread baking day
The hungarian food speciality, the todays deep fried dough, was traditionally baked in the front of the clay or brick oven, close to the flames. This flat bread was served as breakfast on the days when new bread was baked for the family.

Due to it’s baking method, close to the flames, this food was named lángos, the hungarian word “láng” meaning “flame”.

The ingredients for the langos dough are flower, yeast, salt and water or milk. All these are worked together either by hand or by a kneading machine, then the dough is left leavened. This process creates the air bubbles in the langos.

Nowadays Lángos is prepaired by deep frying in fat or oil and is served fresh and warm, usualy with topping (honey, jam, grated cheese, sour cream, garlic sauce, sometimes even ham or sausages).

Langos is popular all year long and all over the Eastern European countries, known by different names such as: langoš (Czeck Republik, Slovakia, Croatia), languš or mekike (Serbia), langaš (Slovenia), mekitsi (Bulgaria), langosz (Poland) and langoș (Romania).

In Rimetea, you can taste the local lángos with different toppings, at the camper van near the local store, across the town hall. Enjoy!